Dr. Kavita Aggrawal

Welcome to D. G. Khetan International School (DGKIS).

It is an honor and privilege to be the Director/ Head of School of DGKIS once again, the school that stands for excellence in management of Cambridge Education and continuously sets the highest standards.

The school is not new to me. Being an educationist and an academician I define, education as to how well children learn and the extent to which their education translates into a range of intellectual, personal, social and developmental benefits.

DGKIS believes in collaboration with Parents, Teachers, Management and learners to prepare the young aspiring minds to master life skills and be equipped to face future challenge at global scenario.

The changing scenario offers students more openings, greater self-confidence and opportunities to hone their skills much better. The current trends include an increased focus on international partnership, internships, student exchange programs, joint degrees etc. Also, the use of new technologies in management teaching is a trend that is catching up fast. The growing phenomenon of globalization, liberalization and privatization has been immensely influencing education. It is mandating that we prepare a faster, smarter, better generation of global citizens.

Apart from mere academic excellence, we also need value based education. True education is the training of both the head and the heart. If we want to build character in our Schools, Offices, Homes and Society, we must achieve moral and ethical literacy. Education that builds fundamental traits of character, the spirit of teamwork, unity, honesty compassion, courage, positive temperament, is absolutely essential.

Central to Cambridge program is the Learner attributes, which serve as a common ground for Cambridge learners. They should strive to be : Communicators, Collaborative, Responsible, Innovative and Engaged. These are noble goals for us all at DGKIS and we are looking forward to what will be exciting journey for our learners from Grades1 through 12.

With globalization and rate of information flowing in this day and age, one must keep the roots intact and empower them to be prepared for global challenges. Hence, our school motto is ‘Shaping Indian Souls with a Global Vision’, at DGKIS, our students will receive a quality and well-rounded education to not just face the world but also be prepared to give back to their community, their school, and the world.

With best wishes

Dr. Kavita Aggrawal
Director / Head of School

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