Honorable Trustee

Shri. J Kumar Gupta

Every little CHILD is a different kind of flower and all together, they make this world a

Every child adds a unique value to our world…

No one teaches you how to dream, but at J Kumar International School, we make the young sparkling eyes visualize the world of their dreams. With our well trained, dedicated and expert faculty we provide strong roots, a firm base to our toddlers which ensures that each tiny feet walking to our school is happily entering and embracing the world of learning.

As the toddler walks into the school, the twinkle in their eyes and their little feet make us cherish the world from their undiscriminating, innocent eyes. We assure you that your ward will not walk into the four walls of a classroom, but to a spectrum of colours, that will fill their learning with happiness & exuberance. As every child is special and unique, we ensure you to provide an enriched, value-based curriculum for the holistic development of an individual. We render an ambiance full of love, care, appreciation and comfort and prepare the children to achieve the age-appropriate developmental milestones required at various stages of elementary education.

A ‘home away from home’ is the aphorism we stand by. We believe in developing the young learners to their full potential, and providing them the tools to face the future with self-reliance. Our diligent staff members, who are committed to the children and their enthusiasm, are a true reflection of our schools positive outcome. As we strongly believe in teaching children how to think, not what to think.

Indeed, we aspire to prove ourselves as the cementing factor in laying the foundation stone for the little learners’ all round development. With the support of your alliance, I am confident the success story of the school will go on and we shall touch new heights in time to come and in return we will handover ‘smart, independent & confident individuals’ to you.

Shri. J Kumar Gupta

Hon. Trustee – Nav Chetna Charitable Trust

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